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Development Blog #18 – HUD and UI #2

The HUD has been significantly improved since my last post thanks to having more UI sprites sent to me. Previously, I had implemented the player stat bars for all three values. They are automatically updated when the player's stats change. As stated in my updated preach mechanic blog, I also added new UI elements to... Continue Reading →

Development Blog #17 – Destroy Enemy VFX

Currently, when the player kills a demon, the demon just vanishes with no effect. For a more fun and visual alternative, I used a dissolve shader. There was a compromise for this, as using a shader meant that I would loose any detail to the enemy. But, as there is no demon texture, I thought... Continue Reading →

Development Blog #13 – Bug Testing

Over the Easter break, I started bug testing the games mechanics. So far, the mechanics implemented are the movement, camera, preaching, and basic combat. Each of these mechanics were tested with the following fields: Description of testExpected OutcomeActual OutcomePotential FixActual FixDid fix work?Evidence of testNotes taken By filling in each field, I am creating an... Continue Reading →

Development Blog #12 – Updated Framework

After consulting James Stallwood, we came to the decision that it would not be the best idea to rewrite the code framework for the game. This was mainly due to the time it would take for the small effect it would have on the overall performance of the game.

Development Blog #10 – Importing Dorje

I am currently still using the player model from the tutorial package I downloaded and now that I have movement and some basic combat implemented, I wanted to import the main character model. As the animations are saved in seperate Maya files, they needed to exported with a specific naming convention (as described by this... Continue Reading →

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