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Development Blog #8 – HUD and UI #1

As the UI is something that will get changed the more I implement mechanics, I'm going to blog each change on a new post so that my progress is easily documented. Friday The UI is very basic at the moment, using only default sprites and text. This works fine for testing but I wanted to... Continue Reading →

Development Blog #7 – Coding Advanced Combat Mechanics

Thursday Currently, the player can only attack a previously defined enemy. This is not something that I'd like as it means the player has no choice over who they attack and also doesn't allow for attacking any other enemies after it has been killed. To fix this, I wanted to add a lock on system... Continue Reading →

Development Blog #1 – Brief

Semester 2's project is to create a "Vertical Slice" for game I am working on. This can be described as a section or a 'slice' of a completed game. For example, all the mechanics that the game has, demonstrated in a small portion of the games environment.   My team and I are working on... Continue Reading →

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