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Development Blog #11 – Updating the Framework


The code I am using at the moment works fine however I felt as though it was important to rework the code in a way that is cohesive and worked well with eachother. During my research on making a decent lock on system, I found a tutorial on how to make a “Dark Souls” inspired game. This is great as I am trying to create a “Dark Souls-ish” movement mechanic and lock on.

I am hoping that this series of tutorials will help me in creating a more functional framework for the game and deliver more polished mechanics. I will only be using these tutorials for the movement and camera scripts as every other process is unique to the game.


After finishing the above tutorial, I have set up the initial framework for the game. I found the tutorial easy to follow, however, it used a lot of advanced C# scripts. It also seemed to rewrite the Update and Start methods. I wasn’t sure why you would need to but I followed along anyway, assuming an explanation would arise in the future. Despite the tutorial using complex C# programming, I felt comfortable following along and feel as though this has been an excellent learning experience for how to code games in the games industry.


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