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Development Blog #9 – Terrain Editing

The terrain being used at the moment is almost exactly what the game requires, however some adjustments are needed to be made in order for it to fully fit in with the design I’ve been given. Currently, the village area is at at the bottom of where two mountain peaks meet, however, a more dramatic sheer drop is needed in order for the village to look as if it is right on the edge of a mountain.

To do this, I carved a large valley between the two mountains.

Village can just been seen in the top middle

I also used the terrain flatten brush to add different plateau’s for height differentiation. As you can see, the village’s mountain is now dramatically separated from the other.

The plateau’s don’t look very attractive however, so I used a smaller brush in order to add more detail.

The plateau’s look a lot more natural by smoothing the harsh edges out, but I also kept enough of the shape for it to still be distinguished as a mountain. I went over all of the areas of the mountain that had a drop and painted over with a more jagged rock texture. This helps to add variation and detail to the mountain.

At this point, the village looks as though it is right at the peak of it’s own mountain and allows for a sheer drop to be viewed, telling the player they cannot go there.

Above is the player’s perspective when right at the edge of the village. A wall will also be added for extra security so the player doesn’t “wander off” too far.


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