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Development Blog #13 – Bug Testing

Over the Easter break, I started bug testing the games mechanics. So far, the mechanics implemented are the movement, camera, preaching, and basic combat. Each of these mechanics were tested with the following fields:

  • Description of test
  • Expected Outcome
  • Actual Outcome
  • Potential Fix
  • Actual Fix
  • Did fix work?
  • Evidence of test
  • Notes taken

By filling in each field, I am creating an extensive report that not only tests each mechanic, but in the case of a failure, details the way it could be fixed and how I fixed it.

Below is a screenshot of the report. I’ve colour coded the tests that are successful and the ones that are not. The notes I’ve made have been highlighted in yellow. As well as the screenshot, I’ve attached my test report which also contains the links to the evidence recordings I have made for each test.

I will be updating this form as and when I have added new mechanics and tested them for bugs and functionality.


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